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SAMLite is an IT Asset Management system. SAMLite supports software and hardware audits/scans of Windows, macOS and Linux machines. Agents are supported but not required (thus avoiding the hassles and issues of installing agents on thousands of clients).


The ways SAMLite can gather information:
  • Microsoft Active Directory- using Login Scripts and/or Scheduled/Immediate Tasks
  • WMI queries over the network
  • scans via SSH over the network
  • Microsoft SCCM/SMS integration - from views on the Microsoft SCCM database.
  • Scan Agents can perform SNMP and local scans


Typical site:

  • The SAMLite Server software is installed onto a suitable Microsoft Windows machine.
  • Active Directory is configured so that the SAMLite scanning script is run on login and/or periodically.
  • The SAMLite administrators or users login to SAMLite (using web browsers) and generate reports.




SAMLite System Requirements

Minimum Hardware Requirements

  • 2GHz x86 based CPU
  • 2GB RAM
  • 4GB of permanent storage space (excludes backup storage which depends on the backup policies and practices).
  • Storage performance: with 80MB/sec sequential transfer rate, 120 IO operations per second.

Recommended Hardware Requirements

(for handling more than 2000 PCs)
  • 2.4GHz of Processor speed or better (4 or more cores)
  • 4GB RAM or higher
  • >=10GB of permanent storage space (excludes backup storage which depends on the backup policies and practices).
  • Storage performance: >100MB/sec sequential transfer rate, >150 IO operations per second.
The minimum hardware requirements and recommendations are more of a guideline. A lot depends on the complexity of the reports required.

Software Requirements

  • Windows Server 2008 or higher. Windows Server 2008 R2 or later recommended.
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 or higher*.
  • IIS with ASP.Net 2.0 enabled
  • Microsoft .Net 3.5
* Note that SQL Server 2012 and newer have per core licensing. More recent SQL Server Express editions have a 10GB database size limit (like SQL Server 2008 R2 or SQL Server 2012 Express) and thus should normally be OK for 2000 nodes and below.

Network Access Requirements

TCP 139,445 All “login script” scanned clients SAMLiteServer Source->Dest
WMI* TCP/135 1024-65535 SAMLiteServer All “activeprobe” scanned clients Source->Dest
TCP 80,443 All web admin clients SAMLiteServer Source->Dest
TCP,UDP 53 SAMLiteServer DNS Servers/Active Directory Servers Source->Dest
TCP,UDP 3389 All remote desktop admin clients SAMLiteServer Source->Dest
UDP 137,138 All scanned clients SAMLiteServer Source->Dest
Active Directory**   All scanned clients Active Directory Servers Source->Dest
*Only required if using “Activeprobe” scan. Active Probe scan uses Windows Management Instrumentation (DCE-RPC in CheckPoint Firewall, MS-RPC in Juniper Firewall)
** For “login script” scan: allow all protocols between clients and AD servers that are required for scanned clients to logon to AD, run login scripts, apply group policies etc For SCCM/SMS scan: allow SQL server queries from the SAMLite server to the SCCM/SMS database.